COVID-19 Response to support vulnerable children and youth!‚Äč

At the moment, the prolonged outbreak of COVID-19 has put majority of the countries in lockdown in the world and Nepal also could not escape from going through the complete lockdown. The impact of the pandemic has hit low-income people hard, especially informal workers in the hospitality retail trade, construction and transport sectors who have limited or no access to healthcare or social safety nets.

The lockdown has been a deadly threat than corona virus for especially students and daily wage earners. In such, Umbrella has been continuously supporting its children and youths with relief materials: food items and stuff to maintain personal hygiene.

Apart from those support, we have also been conducting virtual workshops on a range of topics for our children and youths to help
them get engaged and in learnings throughout the lockdown. Majorly, the workshops on mental health awareness, building confidence and resilience are delivered considering its importance in such a situation of pandemic.
During this global pandemic situation, it would not be possible keeping all the support continued to our children and youths without your help, we would like to thank to our supporters across the world for your continued support which made a huge difference.
We are thinking of you, pray for you and the entire human world.