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"Protecting Nepal’s Vulnerable Children"

Umbrella Organization Nepal is a non-profit NGO and registered charity in Nepal and working to alleviate the impact of trafficking, poverty and war on children and their families in Nepal. Established in 2005 in response to the growing number of illegal ‘orphanages’ neglecting children’s most basic rights – food, education, safe shelter, healthcare and love – we are a family-first, children’s charity which has rescued over 400 vulnerable children with the help of the Child Welfare Board, and reintegrated many back with their families and rural communities. Currently, we are supporting 75 children and youth in our Reintegration and Next Step Education programmes. We no longer operate childcare homes, with a focus nowadays on education opportunities for young people, and building awareness in rural communities around issues of child trafficking, child labour and child marriage.

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The Challenge

Traffickers promise desperate rural villagers quality education for their children in Kathmandu, however, the reality is sometimes different and these children end up in unregistered, often abusive, ‘orphanages’ or displaced on the streets of Kathmandu.

Our Approach​

Our Approach We rescued children, sheltered them in our homes, and reintegrated many back with their families. We continue to care for these children in a holistic way, including supporting their education and overall health.

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Volunteer ethically in our local NGO or become a child sponsor, support our fundraisers or simply donate to help our children and their families help themselves.

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We benchmark studies, identify and design projects, oversee implementation and also conduct monitoring, evaluation and impact studies.

We provide services in socioeconomic, management and technical fields. These include women and children in development, trade and energy, health, poverty alleviation, financial management, marketing management and technology transfer.

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COVID-19 Response to support vulnerable children and youth!​

At the moment, the prolonged outbreak of COVID-19 has put majority of the countries in lockdown in the world and Nepal also could not escape from going through the complete lockdown. The impact of the pandemic has hit low-income people hard, especially informal workers in the hospitality retail trade, construction and transport sectors who have limited or no access to healthcare or social safety nets.