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Umbrella Organization Nepal (UON) was set up in response to the growing number of children who were displaced, trafficked or orphaned as a result of poverty and the internal conflict in the country. Since 2005, we have rescued around 400 orphaned, trafficked and vulnerable children, largely from adverse conditions in ‘orphanages’ in Kathmandu.  We conducted fact finding missions in remote areas to trace families our children, conduct assessments and monitor the progress of reintegrated children; assessed the local economic, political, educational, and health conditions of the families in all over the county, reconnected them through regularly facilitated communication and determined their viability in relation to child reunification. Over 300+ children have been permanently reintegrated with their families and/or relatives with our continued support and supported 7 community government schools through food for education, infrastructure and teacher training supports to increase rural school capacity as need of quality education has been one of the major causes behind child trafficking and family separation.

Our core mission is to relieve the impact of poverty and war on the children of Nepal through projects, which promote education, the integrity of the family unit and community enrichment. We have developed ourselves into a leading organization in Nepal when it comes to family reintegration and child protection…


10 years
50+ projects
400+ Children

Board of Directors

Megh Bahadure Ale Chairperson
Vimal Thapa Vice Chairperson
Rajendra Thapa General Secretary
Chitra B. Thapa Treasurer
Vinita Adhikari Member
Ashworya Rana Member
Ghinisha Ale Member
Akhima Thapa Member
Arjun Tamang Member



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